Friday, 20 January 2017

Tips for Staying Fit & Healthy

Tips for Staying Fit & Healthy :

• Eat Well: Eating a good balance of clean carbohydrates, fresh protein and healthy fats will give you the energy to aid your fitness challenge and show results quickly.

• Keep Hydrated: Hydration is key to staying healthy; after all, the brain is made up of around 70% water.

• Regular Exercise: Working out three to four times per week is a great place to start, once you have your routine, stick to it and you will see the benefits.

• Relaxing & Sleep: When the body is relaxing it is able to repair, after efforts of exercise, it will also relax the mind enabling you to mentally focus.

Advantages of Food Supplements

Advantages of Food Supplements :

1. Food supplements in addition to consuming food enable us derive our daily dose of vitamin and minerals.

2. Vitamins and minerals help protect the body from diseases, hence supplements can offer added “insurance” that one is meeting daily recommendations of vitamins and minerals needed by the body, especially in those who do not eat a healthy, balanced diet.

3. Supplements can contribute to improved muscular strength, endurance and overall physical performance, they are therefore commonly taken by athletes to improve their performance.

4. Some supplements are used in combination with drugs as a method of complementary or alternative treatment for health conditions.